Who We Are?

Antbio Tarım is a business established in Antalya in 2018 with the aim of producing soil and environmentally-friendly plant nutrition products by using information and technology at the right place and at the right time.

"Our goal is to contribute to the healthy nutrition of humanity by producing the nutrients needed by plants, and to produce soil and environmentally friendly products to keep our soils healthy, whose properties are deteriorating day by day and productivity is decreasing."

  Today, reliable and healthy food has a very important place in human life and its place on the world agenda is becoming more important every day. Environmental conditions that negatively affect human health are even more effective with inadequate and unbalanced nutrition.

  We believe that if you can protect the health of the soil, you can protect the health of the plant and you can create a healthy society only with healthy products.

As Antbio Tarım, our vision is to produce soil and environment-friendly products by prioritizing human health, to be a team that creates value for our country and humanity by keeping moral and humanitarian rules at the forefront in our relations from production to the end consumer by putting people in the center, to be a team that creates value for our country and humanity in the light of R&D studies in the agricultural sector. to produce effective and safe organic, inorganic and biological plant support products based on technology and to create a brand in this sector.

Antalya Organized Industry in the 1st part our factory located...

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